Meltdown and Spectre info

Everyone has been hearing about the new Intel and other chips having a vulnerability that could cause you’re computer to be exposed on the internet. Let’s set the record straight, it’s like the post it notes you leave on the desk. If at any one given time someone walk’s in they can see those notes. […]

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Windows Fall Update is here

Well it’s here and it’s not much different from the preview I was running on a laptop and an older desktop. There are some new apps that will help higher end computers with AR and VR, one of the updates I was looking forward to was the one drive files on demand. That app/service is […]

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Fighting Software

Has anyone else noticed that to get Windows or Mac OS to do what you want you have to join a “camp” its all Windows or Mac. I know they have always been hard to get to talk to each other but its getting worse as of late.

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