And there was Florida…

One of the states I was almost avoiding , why you ask ? Lets see heat humidity , bugs that can lift small children , oh yes and crocodile’s ! And did I mention not so bright people , “and this week in Florida” segments you hear on the radio. Now I do consider crocodile’s as dinosaurs so I have this want to see them and this fear of them.

This started out as a work trip for Dawn and she convinced me to join her down in the sunshine state. I have always hated humidity from my years in New Jersey and it was hard to get past that. I was enticed by NASA and a visit with a friend I have not seen in a very long time.


It was great to see NASA I always wanted to go and we had tickets to see a launch while we were there…just one problem. I had only been in the state for a few days and had not got used to the humidity, another thing was there was very little shad at the complex. The NASA park was a lot smaller than I thought and like I said before not enough places to get out of the sun and cool off. We walked around and got photos of all the cool looking stuff and then went inside to see the space shuttle I was so excited.


We ended up seeing how long the line was getting for the launch and it was a few hours till it lifted off so we gave out tickets to some ( what looked like locals ) debating on getting tickets.

For the rest of my stay in the state I got to see an old friend ( Rich Latko )I had not seen in 35 years and finding out food is way cheap in the state. Twice I got the check from a dinner and twice I had to look to see if they missed someone.


The rest of my time in Florida was spent people watching in Wal-mart ( yes I had to see ) and spending time on the beach. The wife and I had a good time visiting a local pub but didn’t stay long enough to see to many “locals”.


I think it was ok trip , not sure if I will ever go back to Florida but if you had your choice Italy or Florida where would you go ?


Email to United CEO

Sent last week

I’m writing because last week me and my wife were supposed to be taking a once in a lifetime trip to Egypt. Due to a delay in our flight from Reno to SFO on United 5332 (Rec Locator JV3531) we reached the Emirates counter 8 minutes late. Before taking off from Reno the crew that was working the gate were no help at all. With no information, as to why the plane left LAX late and not even knowing for sure what gate we would be boarding at.


After the plane did arrive seems they were in no hurry to get the people on the plane and get it on its way, now more then 2 ½ hours behind. I heard more than one other passenger speaking about how they were going to miss the next flight they were due to be on. Now once on the plane they couldn’t find someone to move the walkway away from the plane, THESE delays that could have been avoided is what cost me a $3000 dollar vacation.


We were now stuck in SFO so we went to the United counter with my wife in tears crying ( with what has happened to United in the last few weeks I was tempted to take my phone out and start filming but didn’t ) and asked if they could possibly change our return ticket so we could home. We were told because it would be a voluntary change (nothing about this was voluntary I assure you) that again I would need to pay penalties and difference in fares to go home.

I understand that Emirates denying us boarding was not something United can control.

I’m currently out the money for the United flight for the return trip to Reno ($231.00), the money I had prepaid for hotels and tours in Dubai and Cairo ($1298.00) and the cost of the rental car I had to pick up to get from SFO back to my home in RNO ($173.00).

so I’m hoping that somewhere within your heart you can possibly consider refunding or partially refunding our nonrefundable tickets so someday once again after I have saved I can attempt to finally visit Egypt and see all the amazing things.


Please let me know and thank you.

Eric Berry

As of today still no response from UNITED

Got a email back letting me know they got my email today 5/10/17

Licensed to steal United/Emirates


What happened last week was another example of how the airline industry doesn’t care about its customers. It started in the Reno airport my wife and I checked in at 9 am for a 11:10 flight on United Airlines to San Francisco. Shortly after arriving and loading the United app we saw on the app the flight was delayed by an hour.

To put this in contrast we had booked this flight with a 4hour window, so our connecting flight to Egypt did not leave till 4 hours after we got to San Francisco. This is a vacation of a life time that we had booked and were looking forward to since September of last year. With a 4-hour window, you would think that would be enough time.

As we sat in the Reno airport the delay kept getting longer and longer the flight was pushed back an hour and a half, then 2 hours and so on. We were getting no info from the app or United personal as to why the flight was being delayed. We didn’t get on the plane till 1:36PM that was a 2 1/2-hour delay. The last 15 mins on the United plane we couldn’t back away from the walkway because United could not find anyone to move the jetway away from the aircraft. That 15 mins just cost me $3000 and a vacation that we might not be able to take again.




Getting to the Emirates counter 8 min’s late there was one person helping people with one couple in front of us. When we got her attention she just refused to take our bags, and yelled to call the 800 number to rebook the flight.


Emirates help desk say we were listed as “no shows” even with us at the Emirates counted and to rebook our flight there would be fee’s. A  “no show” fee of $600 per ticket and a “rebooking” fee of $400. The would be 2/3 of what we paid for the entire trip. When Emirates “help” desk for a supervisor we were told NO !


How can airline profits take preference over its customers, we are not just numbers we are people? Here are some of the response’s we got when contacting United and Emirates.



Dawn, we are sorry you arrived later to your destination. We do see there were delays due to ATC and low ceilings. You inquired changes on your return and yes, those are considered voluntary changes so there is a change fee and a difference in fare involved. You purchased your flight on Emirates separately from this reservation and we cannot tell Emirates to waive any penalties on your behalf since they have different terms and conditions. We would not be able to assist further regarding …


From Emirates
Thanks for your message, Dawn. I realize that the  reason for missing the flight was beyond your control, I’m afraid we won’t be able to waive your ticket conditions. Your ticket is non refundable and we don’t have a waiver for such instance. In case of cancellation, you could only take back the unused departure taxes. You may check with your travel insurance if they could help. For you not to lose the value of the ticket, it’d be best to rebook it instead. Rebooking fees and fare difference may apply. If you’re flexible with your travel plans, you can opt for dates which could offer a lesser or no fare difference. Regards, Fae, Emirates Social Media Team



So, with no recourse we have been told to bad by both airlines and are getting nothing or next to nothing back for the service we paid them to perform. How can this be allowed with less and less options of airlines they are holding us hostage with just a glimmer of hope the MIGHT get you where you want to go.  $3000 if a lot of money to just loose to airline greed.


Eric Berry

Dawn Pfiel

Just about to leave..

Just about to go on vacation …by vacation I mean leave the country. Now most of the time this is not something I.m consirened about . This trip it different. This time it’s to a country we have not visited before. And its not an “american” friendly area.