Waiting on the fall update

Been waiting for the Windows 10 fall creators update for a month or so , in the preview program it should be out by now. I have loaded the latest preview a number of times and all it keeps doing is crashing the computer ( 16251 iso ) . Its to the point where I don’t want to load it because I don’t think it will move on to the next update with out freezing up.

Just for the hell of it I loaded Windows S on the system ( you need Pro to try it ) and It would have been great if it was a “lite” version of windows but its not . It just windows Pro without anyway to run exe files. I created a account for my grandson to play with and asked him to see if he could brake it . No luck so far , it would be a great OS for those who don’t know anything about computers or kids.


Why I got a computer

A friend reminded me over the weekend as to what I got a computer for ( Flight Sim’s ) by asking questions about a game I have not played in months. With all the options of what to play out these days it’s hard to remember what you love , game of the month syndrome.

I built this computer to play this game ( Microsoft Flight Sim ) at the max and I bet it’s spent 10% of its time doing that. Now I have the “need for speed” ( Top Gun reference ) and I should shit or get off the pot.The newest game is DCS a combat sim that I have over the years sent a lot of money on with “add ons” . This is a reminder to myself to play the game.

Wish me luck on DCS it’s a lot harder to master…

Domains and email

I think I have it all the way I want them for now , just waiting on one more to update over the next few hours. It been fun learning what different providers can do and what they are over charging for. You would be amazed as to what they think they can get away with.

Network Solutions is again the most expensive (  a reminder to self ) and if you burp while on they’re site I think they charge you for it. They have a nice “domain backorder” scam going on, I left the account and the domain in it just expire.

The ipage account is great for sites that don’t get a lot of traffic and in time they might get some new servers and a faster connection. The difference from the ipage site to WordPress site was 10ms,that’s a lot when there is high demand.

As for GoDaddy I’m still debating on staying, they do work with Microsoft Exchange well but its easy to edit the records in WP also.

Getting domain email seems to be the biggest pain in the ass ( meaning expensive ).

Exchange Server

So riddle me this Batman…I create an email address ( default ) with a “label” my name and the letter “P” within exchange for personal. Now when I go to send email from that account it’s showing “Eric Berry P”. Why do you do this to me Microsoft?

I go into the account and remove the letter “P” and test it and it’s still showing, I’m wondering if there is a lag time on the updating of the info.If it is a delay bad Microsoft for making the delay so long.This is a business product and should one not have this glitch and two should update faster.

Sent test emails to Gmail and it was almost instant, sent a test to outlook.com from an exchange server and I am still waiting…..

Talk about support

So I’m looking around in the options that WordPress.com has and I had a question . support is built into the interface. Thinking it would just bring up a FAQ page but no there are live support people who pop up in a chat to help. It was way more than I expected, thank you WordPress.

And on another good note when you have questions about Microsoft Exchange you can type in a question and there is a “call me” button. After a few mins someone calls you to help with what ever it is you need. WoW

HP Stream 7 and buyers remorse

In the beginning of this year I bought a Stream 7 from the Microsoft store, its a 7 in tablet with a small hard drive and a gig of ram. The device came with Windows 8.1 desktop version and I was hoping when Windows 10 came out Microsoft would send a “mobile” operating system to the device.

With Win 8.1 desktop it was very frustrating to use , the screen is to small to be clicking on the menus. The battery life was not to bad once you removed all the software you didn’t need, so we wait for Windows 10.

Windows 10 come’s out and the “desktop” version is loaded into the Stream 7. It almost kills the device…you can’t type the touch screen “sometimes” works. I have wiped it clean twice and reinstalled ( takes days in some case’s ) and no help. I contacted HP and they more or less said “your shit out of luck”. The battery now last’s 4 hours if I’m lucky.

If you run across one of these Stream 7 tablets avoid it at any price, not sure why HP let their logo put on this now “paper weight”.

****Update**** HP called me back and bought back the Stream 7 and I bought another one of HP’s laptops.