Time will tell

Well it’s been a few months and it’s taking it’s sweet ass time to heal. One of the things I was required to do was quit smoking and that has been a battle for years even before this happened. I have tried 99% of the crap out there with limited success. But today I got […]

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Well I survived 

So I went into the hospital for what I thought was just a bottle brush cleaning of the vein in my neck. When I got the bandage off what you see above is what Dawn saw . The look on Dawns face was OMG I hope he doesn’t explode, and she was very easy on […]

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What a weekend !

No, it’s not what you think, Dawn went out of town for work again. It was a Friday I was looking forward to staying up late and playing some games, made it to 10PM (half hour later then norm ). Woke up not feeling so well on Saturday morning but that’s normal, I didn’t eat […]

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