Folder support ?

Been looking for a week to add a folder for the media files I have,then I found out and confirmed with WordPress support that its not supported yet. Folders should be easy you would think…..come on man!

Almost free of Go Daddy

So today I downgraded my account to just one website. The reason I didn’t cancel it all together is because of s .it domain that is not easy to move.

Started a hosting account on another service but that might be cancelled by the end of the month. I hope.

Everything is moving to WordPress for security and easy editing.

Nonchalant About Roma

So my wife tells me we can’t come to Rome anymore because I’m not a excited about it as I used to be. We are here for 2 weeks and this is my 5th trip to Rome and I have been a tour guide so many times I hope its just a tired of running around thing.

Damein and Emma

This time we are here with my son and his girlfriend Emma and I think they are enjoying themselves. He got a chance to have his birthday in another country, so both the kids have been here now. We told Alex and Damein one trip each the next time its on you to come back.

One of the things we did different this time was rent an apartment for the 2nd week very near the Pantheon and it has no lift.Bad idea, 45 steps to my room and 65 steps to my sister-in-law’s room.Now that is after 20K steps a day looking around at everything else.

As I write this i’m at one of our favorite place’s the Di Rienzo in the plaza with the Pantheon,we have coming here every night after walking and the stall seems to have adopted us. One of the waiters I remembered from when my daughter was here and I found out he has been working here for 14 years.

Yesterday we were off for a fast tour of Florence another city I love and today they are off to Tivoli,Italy. I felt a little bad this morning like I was catching a cold so it was nap day for me.You need nap days when you are here.

The Rome post


Told you I would be back. Was planning to do at least a weekly update while in Rome but after 3 bottles of wine writing is harder, thou friends would argue most the posts here are after a few drinks.

Anyways the big one Rome Italy!

Lets start with the good:

There is a lot and I can go on for whole paragraphs about it (and may)

The area is gorgeous. For a city with so many people and that has stood for thousands years it really has a small town feel. With no building over 6 story turn down any side street and it really transforms into a small town.

The food. My god the food. How is the whole country not 500 pounds I don’t know (likely due to all the no steps, more on that later). Italian dinners are later usually around 8-9pm. Meal sizes are huge…

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My Dog

Max we will miss you

This morning I had to say goodbye to my puppy,he had lived a long time and father time caught up with him. He never found a ball he didn’t love and I will miss him leaving his toys all over the house.

I brought him home from Fallon,NV when I just happened to be in the supermarket and he was the last puppy of the litter and was min’s from going to the pound. He was a very happy dog and I hope I gave him a better life.

Did I poop on the floor

As he got older he decided that everything in the house belonged to him,and would lift his leg and make sure everyone knew. When it was dinner time he would find a toy and run around the house bouncing and shaking the toy just to let everyone know dinner was done.

I love you Max and I will miss you….