Odd Dream

Just a record of this odd dream I keep having about a Las Vegas casino , that I have had a few times. It’s not a real casino that I know of but I can never get out of it.

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What I would like to do tonight is go down to Bully’s and drink and be around people and have some fun. Fuck going to work………What am I going to do tonight drink 3 beers and go to bed 😦

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Friday Night Fun

So the wife is out-of-town and from what I see on Facebook she is having fun, so what to I do. The sub woofer  on my computer is moving so much I have to hold it in place with my feet. Meaning the music is turned up to 11 at least . The dogs are […]

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Dawn’s on a jet plane

Dawn left on her company trip today ( India ) 2 weeks before x-mass ,  was missing her before she left. I was torn she is getting to go someplace new, but it was without me.  I will consider it a recon mission to see if we want to go back someday. Now I have […]

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Been a fun day..

So last night we got re-ended in the car so most of the morning I was on the phone with insurance company’s. At least I get a chance to get the dent in the front of the car fixed 🙂 I must say it is worth it to pay for extra insurance. Less of a […]

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