Domains and email

I think I have it all the way I want them for now , just waiting on one more to update over the next few hours. It been fun learning what different providers can do and what they are over charging for. You would be amazed as to what they think they can get away […]

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Exchange Server

So riddle me this Batman…I create an email address ( default ) with a “label” my name and the letter “P” within exchange for personal. Now when I go to send email from that account it’s showing “Eric Berry P”. Why do you do this to me Microsoft? I go into the account and remove […]

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So Depressed 

Might be the beer but for the election to be this close I feel so bad for America , DOW is down 700 points . So disappointed  my fellow Americans. This is our education system at work.

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Talk about support

So I’m looking around in the options that has and I had a question . support is built into the interface. Thinking it would just bring up a FAQ page but no there are live support people who pop up in a chat to help. It was way more than I expected, thank you […]

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