Intuit Please

The Quicken software is less then useless on the Mac, please take it back to basics and start over. I have tried 3 times to use the software and all it can do is make me feel like you have no clue!

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Windows 7 and Mac

Boot Camp with set you up with 20 gig of space for Windows 7 when you install, that is way short of what you need to do updates. After I found this out I uped it to 30 Gig and found out that is still not enough. Windows 7 SP1 needs 8 gig just to […]

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Fighting Software

Has anyone else noticed that to get Windows or Mac OS to do what you want you have to join a “camp” its all Windows or Mac. I know they have always been hard to get to talk to each other but its getting worse as of late.

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