I swear to god this happened

I was playing ball with Max at my desk and I tossed it and it bounced off his nose straight into my drink glass . OMG i just made that drink , with no splash !


And there was Florida…

One of the states I was almost avoiding , why you ask ? Lets see heat humidity , bugs that can lift small children , oh yes and crocodile’s ! And did I mention not so bright people , “and this week in Florida” segments you hear on the radio. Now I do consider crocodile’s as dinosaurs so I have this want to see them and this fear of them.

This started out as a work trip for Dawn and she convinced me to join her down in the sunshine state. I have always hated humidity from my years in New Jersey and it was hard to get past that. I was enticed by NASA and a visit with a friend I have not seen in a very long time.


It was great to see NASA I always wanted to go and we had tickets to see a launch while we were there…just one problem. I had only been in the state for a few days and had not got used to the humidity, another thing was there was very little shad at the complex. The NASA park was a lot smaller than I thought and like I said before not enough places to get out of the sun and cool off. We walked around and got photos of all the cool looking stuff and then went inside to see the space shuttle I was so excited.


We ended up seeing how long the line was getting for the launch and it was a few hours till it lifted off so we gave out tickets to some ( what looked like locals ) debating on getting tickets.

For the rest of my stay in the state I got to see an old friend ( Rich Latko )I had not seen in 35 years and finding out food is way cheap in the state. Twice I got the check from a dinner and twice I had to look to see if they missed someone.


The rest of my time in Florida was spent people watching in Wal-mart ( yes I had to see ) and spending time on the beach. The wife and I had a good time visiting a local pub but didn’t stay long enough to see to many “locals”.


I think it was ok trip , not sure if I will ever go back to Florida but if you had your choice Italy or Florida where would you go ?

Diabetes surprise cocktail…

I have been tested for diabetes all my life since my grand parents had it and every sign has been no you don’y have it…now that’s not saying I didn’t need some orange juice to get me going in the morning. I did see a addiction habit growing to it ( Orange juice ) as I got older . What happened all of a sudden made me think twice about my life , no not contemplating life in general. I should have had the dam deserts when I had the chance.

To see where I am coming from you have to understand I smoke I drink and I expect to die to from these actions. I have trained ( asked ) my children that when the time comes I am to be taken to the desert for a walk to never return. They have see there grand parents go slowly and I never want them to wipe my ass ( it would be funny ) .

I also have a clog in the veins in my neck that need attention, this is the part that worries me, 70% on one side and 60% on the other. This has me worried I have has 10 w 40 running in my blood for years.

I was taking to Dawn and the kids about this when I found out as just a “tune up” Its been 50 years, but for the last week that seems all I can think about……Shortly after finishing that sentence my daughter came home to pick up my grandson. I was just talking to her about some of the same things i’m talking about her and the tears just started to flow down my face. Now it was the first time I have had gin since coming home, I have a feeling that helped a bit. Like I said I had this all planed out. Sure you did.

I had my follow up with my Dr since starting this entry and he is not to worried about my neck “for a man my age ” but to even think about sending me to have them checked out I would have to quit smoking. That’s not going to happen this week.

What a weekend !

No, it’s not what you think, Dawn went out of town for work again. It was a Friday I was looking forward to staying up late and playing some games, made it to 10PM (half hour later then norm ). Woke up not feeling so well on Saturday morning but that’s normal, I didn’t eat a lot the night before. Bad TV dinner I should stop eating those things. Had some OJ and got in the car and was heading for fast food to get something in me.

Not long after that I started to get real dizzy and was having a hard time seeing where I was going. Thought it would be better to pull over and I am not sure if I was talking to Dawn or texted after I stopped. Shortly after that I was in an ambulance on my way to a hospital. Told you it wasn’t a good story.

Seems I am diabetic now and have some cleanup work that might need to be done of the veins, I’m considering it a tune up of sorts. More to come as I get board between tests.


Ebay is the cesspool of the internet

Its been this way for so long I can’t remember when it was a tool that could be used on the internet. I placed a item for sale on Ebay when I should have know better and it was not a hour later I get a response. A person that is “willing” to send more money for what I am selling to get me to go outside the ebay system for payment. This account has never bought anything on ebay and has no reviews . The account has been online since 2005 , why has ebay not CANCELED this account. Ebay police your user base better instead of just increasing user fees !!!

Mac book pro

I got the Mac book pro after selling a domain I had for 10 years, it was a experiment, I never knew anything about Apple computers. At one time a friend would send support questions my way just to see me sweat as I tried to help them. It has been a wonderful computer for a very long time and It has visited a lot of country’s with me, I remember downloading a James Bond movie in Florence Italy the first time we went. and the time in Rome where we had to share the internet connection. And in Greece it was a paper weight due to the bad internet connections.

I have placed it for sale and just booted it up for some photos after not using it for 2 weeks, I miss it already…

From Emirates

Dear Mr Berry,
Thank you for your email of 08 May.


I regret to learn the inconvenience you and Ms Dawn Pfiel experienced due to the delay of your inbound United Airlines flight UA5332 from Reno to San Francisco on 26 April.

I can fully understand how unsettling this situation must have been for both of you.

We do regret the inconvenience on account of the delay, which resulted in you missing your onward connection on EK226 from San Francisco to Dubai on the same day.

Whilst I sincerely regret the inconvenience experienced on this occasion, I wish to assure you that the predicament you found yourselves in was not due to Emirates.

I wish to inform you that it is the responsibility of the delayed inbound carrier, in this case, United Airlines to assist their disrupted passengers. Therefore, may I respectfully advise you to pursue the matter with United Airlines as they are responsible for resolving your claim.

Flights are vulnerable to a number of factors that can and do affect air travel operations on a daily basis and as such schedules are subject to change without notice therefore, appropriate travel insurance is always recommended to cover unforeseen expenses on one’s journey.

I have noted your concerns with regards to the no-show fees applicable for rebooking in line with the terms and conditions of your ticketed fare.  However, I wish to advise you that in accordance with our rebooking procedure, it is the passenger’s responsibility to bear the applicable “no-show” fees in the event that they are unable to travel on their original flight. These are set procedures applied to all passengers who do not travel against their booked reservation.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, and for allowing us the opportunity to respond.

Yours sincerely,

Samantha D’Souza

Customer Affairs

Why I got a computer

A friend reminded me over the weekend as to what I got a computer for ( Flight Sim’s ) by asking questions about a game I have not played in months. With all the options of what to play out these days it’s hard to remember what you love , game of the month syndrome.

I built this computer to play this game ( Microsoft Flight Sim ) at the max and I bet it’s spent 10% of its time doing that. Now I have the “need for speed” ( Top Gun reference ) and I should shit or get off the pot.The newest game is DCS a combat sim that I have over the years sent a lot of money on with “add ons” . This is a reminder to myself to play the game.

Wish me luck on DCS it’s a lot harder to master…